Eco Now


  • Opened an Environmental Specialized Public Library <BANGBAESUP Eco Library>
  • Launched <UN Biodiversity Youth Forum>
  • Launched <Green Lab School> with DB Insurance
  • Holded <ESG Round Table>
  • Publishing and Distribution of [Eco Now Impact Assessment Report] through <Global Eco Leader YOUTH>
  • Conducted a policy study of [Risk Communication Study of cooking fume] from the Environment and Labor Committee of the National Assembly
  • Awarded the 'Certificate of Appreciation' from the government of South Sudan
  • Awarded 'Special Prize' at the 2023 Korea Green Management Awards
  • Awarded 'Best NGO Prize' at the 2023 Korea Brand Awards
  • Signed an MOU with the Citizens' Coalition for Scientific Society
  • Signed an MOU with the Chollipo Arboretum Foundation
  • Launched <Global Ecoleader YOUTH> program
  • Hosted the UN Youth Environmental Conference 10th anniversary special concert, Eco-Cantabile
  • Launched Teenagers, <Save the Earth> program with POSCO
  • Launched <Fun-phone: Resource Circulation Challenger> program with Mintit
  • Launched the <POCO School> program with the Community Chest of Korea and POSCO Mobility Solution
  • Launched <Re:scue the Earth School> program
  • Launched <The Civic Engagement Mentorship Program for Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Technology-based Residential Problem Solving Project>
  • Designated as an Environmental, Safety & Health(EHS) consultant civic licensing institution
  • Became a 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner
  • Became an IUCN member
  • Signed an MOU with the UN Global Compact Korea Association
  • Signed an MOU with the Institute for Sustainable Development, Korea University
  • <Environmental education supporting program for the youth of child care center and the future generations> (Community Chest of Korea & Hana Bank)
  • <Bamseom biodiversity education program for future generation> (Community Chest of Korea & LG Chemicals)
  • <Seoripul Resource Circulation Challenge>
  • <Seocho Eco-friend Festival> as a Seochogu Environmental Education Center
  • <Plogging Volunteer for Us and the Earth>
  • In charge of Youth discussion session on official pre-event <Global Youth Climate Challenges> of P4G Summit Seoul 2021
  • <Protect the Earth Energy School> Certified as the best environmental program of the year by the Ministry of Environment
  • Approval of special consultative status by UN Economic and Social Council(UN ECOSOC)
  • Appointed Pucca as eco-ambassador
  • Appointed The Dew sisters as eco-ambassadors
  • Appointed The 2Top as our eco-ambassadors
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding with LG chemicals, Hangang department of Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Launched the Free Semester Program <Energy School for Protecting the Earth> in Seoul and Chungcheongnam-do
  • Launched the Live Class <Borrowed Earth School>
  • Started the <Cosmetics Safety Education for Children and Youth> (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Publishing and Distribution of Environmental Books for Youth II – Published the Book [A Package from the Blue Sea] in English (Community Chest of Korea – Hana Bank)
  • Started the <Awareness Training on Sustainability Management for AMSL employees>
  • Conduct <Research on the Condition of School Education to Prepare a Sustainable Education Plan in the COVID-19 era>
  • Publishing and Distribution of Environmental Books for Youth II – Published the Book [A Package from the Blue Sea] in English (Community Chest of Korea – Hana Bank)
  • Hosted the <Virtual Workshop with Convergence Medical Device Experts> (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) MOU with Korea Energy Agency
  • MOU with Korea Energy Agency
  • MOU with Yonsei University Radon Safety Center
  • Designated as the Regional Environmental Education Center for Seoul Metropolitan Government (Seoul Seocho-gu Regional Environmental Education Center)
  • Registered for Private Qualification as Environmental Health and Safety Consultant
  • Launched the Eco Habit Magazine
  • <Removing worry of fine dust from our children> Daycare Center, Kindergarten Consulting & Education starts with Industrial Bank of Korea
  • Developed the Free Semester Program <Energy School for Protecting the Earth> with Korea Midland Power / SK Securities / ECOEYE
  • <Producing and distributing environmental books for teenagers> publish fairy tale book and hold art contest with Community Chest of Korea and Hana bank
  • Development of environmental textbook <Act for the Earth> for teenage students (co-developed by committee for Ecology & Environment of Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea)
  • 10th anniversary Ecomom Korea Concert
  • MOU with Seoul Metropolitan of Education, Chuncheongnamdo office of Education, Korea Midland Power, SK securities and Ecoeye
  • MOU with Health and Environment Institute of Seoul
  • Awarded 27th Prize in NGO section for Environment of Chosun News
  • Launched <UN AQUAREPUBLICA game>
  • Hold Youth water Talk concert <Sustainable Water of City> in the Korea’s KIWW
  • Hold Deoksugung-gil Concert <Environmental Health! Safe as much as we know>
  • Appointment as honorary ambassador of Eva Almisen
  • Start of <Mercury education and promotion project> according Global Mercury Assessment.
  • Publish <Joyous habits of changing the world> and hold Book concert
  • Development Video <Do for the Earth> for teenagers with Ecological Environment Conference of Catholic Bishop Conference
  • <Collaborate forum for the earth> starts
  • Start of free semester program <SL Dream school> with Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation
  • <Market Research of building an inventory for Controlling Children’s harmful products> starts
  • <UN Youth Environmental conference> starts
  • <Borrowed Earth school> starts with LG Healthy & Beauty
  • <Biological resource Preservation Recognition Project> starts
  • <Monitoring market of harmful products operation> starts
  • <Environmental Hormone Risk Communication Research and Education project>
  • <Environmental book review contest>
  • Free semester MOU with Chuncheongnamdo office of Education
  • Awarded <Korea Green Climate Award>
  • Awarded ‘Best Program in the Free Semester program’ from Prime Minister and Minister of Education
  • <UN Biological Diversity Youth Conference> was held
  • <Borrowed Earth Camp> starts
  • <Diagnosis, Improvement and Training of local children center’s interior environment> starts
  • <Education and promotion of children product’s environmental harmful factors marking system> starts
  • <Minus Atopic Disease, Plus Health Camp>
  • Seoul Metropolitan of Education MOU
  • Spread eco-friendly transportation culture with Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Medipeace(NGO) MOU
  • Foundation of Environmental Health Institute
  • open <GGGI Youth Conference>
  • <Diagnosis and improvement of vulnerable social group’s indoor environment> starts
  • <Ecomom Rowing Camp>
  • open <Environment Golden Bell>
  • <Education and Marketing of Children’s Activity Area’s Environmental Safety Management Status> Starts
  • <Ecomom’s Visiting Environmental Health Safety Class> starts
  • Recognized Green Education center (Office of Prime Minister appointment)
  • Appointed as Representative NGO of Korea Climate, Environment Network
  • <Global Ecoleader> starts
  • <Teacher’s Education of Climate changes and eco-friendly consumption> starts
  • <365 Ecolife> Campaign starts
  • <Ecokids camp> ‘Stars are alive’
  • ‘Camping at the Zoo’
  • <Ecomom market>
  • Ecomom Korea founded